American Federation of Teachers New Jersey

Emma has their endorsement for pledging to support education and labor issues.


For her commitment to working family values and her strong belief in the core principles of organized labor, Emma has their support.

New Jersey Education Association

Emma is designated as a "your choice" candidate.

United Auto Workers

The UAW Region 9 Southern New Jersey Community Action Program (CAP) supports Emma.

Health Professionals and Allied Employees

The Women's Political Caucus of New Jersey

They're pleased to endorse Emma for advancing their mission to increase women's participation in the political process and to create a political power base to achieve gender equality.

JNESO (Jersey Nurses Economic Security Organization)

Emma received their endorsement because she will fight for healthcare workers' best interests and to preserve and improve the quality of care in our state.

The Council of New Jersey State College Locals, AFT, AFL-CIO

This union represents 10,000 faculty, adjunct faculty, librarians, and professional staff in the nine NJ state colleges/universities and are endorsing Emma based on her "commitment to quality affordable higher education."

PAM's List

Focused on electing Democratic pro-choice women to the legislature, PAM's List is endorsing Emma for being "dedicated to the(ir) goals."

American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees


Emma is being endorsed by NOWNJ for being "right on all the issues" and someone who "will be a strong voice for women and families in Trenton."