Why I'm Running

It is my intention to bring integrity, authenticity, and compassion to politics in Trenton and beyond.  I want to truly listen and respond to the needs of those who reside in Legislative District 10.  I will lead with a focus on the best aspects of the human spirit - our desire for connection, collaboration, and the common good.

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Meet Emma

Emma is a wife, mother, mental health counselor, and yoga teacher. She is stepping into politics at this time because she wants to utilize her skills as a communicator and a problem-solver to serve the people of New Jersey. Her primary values are compassion and authenticity, both of which she's cultivated through years of counseling and spiritual practice. She believes government and politicians can do good work when they come from a place of being open-hearted and open-minded. She knows we can't give in to the divisiveness and disillusionment around us. Emma wants to be a hopeful voice in an increasingly cynical world.